Idea Center


Benefits at organizational level

Corporate capability

  • Provides important innovation capability
  • Creates a portfolio of ideas
  • Enables cross-pollination of ideas and multidisciplinary collaboration
  • Unlocks tacit knowledge
  • Provides a tool to manage your corporate front-end of the innovation through KPIs, reports and statistics


  • Fosters a culture that encourages innovation
  • Gives your people the trust, space and freedom to be creative
  • Creates an innovation corporate community
  • Encourages employees to operationalize their market-oriented behaviors

Human resources

  • Ideas and creative individuals get organization wide exposure
  • Identify creative talents inside an organization
  • Stimulates creative competition and maximizes the creative potential of employees


  • Reduces front-end innovation process costs

Benefits for your innovation process

Structures your front-end innovation process

  • Gain a structured and systematized collaborative process for stimulating, capturing at all levels, evaluating and selecting best ideas for your organization, from inside and outside
  • Selectively engage your employees through periodic idea contests and challenges with a specific organizational objective (eg. Cost reduction, Stocks reduction, Operational efficiency increase, Product improvement, Customer satisfaction ideas, New products, Product names, etc.)
  • Clear evaluation procedure for each idea type and domain (product, service, process and organizational idea)

Creates a dynamic innovation pipeline

  • Ideas move from hard drives and emails to a dedicated innovation space
  • Measure and optimize innovation process performance through detailed analytics

Improve front-end innovation process efficiency

  • Accelerated concept to implementation cycle
  • Increase the number of ideas in the funnel